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Be Informed, Be Educated, Be in the Know:

Did you see the movie Unplanned and now you want to know “now what”? What can I do, how can I get involved, how can I help?  The biggest thing you can do is BE INFORMED, BE EDUCATED, BE IN THE KNOW!  How?  Get information from this website or go to

  • Participate/Volunteer at local Right to Life of Holland Events – list here under events.
  • Promote LIFE in  your church
  • Call or stop into Right to Life of Holland Area for educational materials
  • Become of Right to Life of Holland Area and get updates and newsletters with valuable LIFE information
  • During Election time: Be Informed on who the Pro-life candidates are. Research their records on LIFE issues and most importantly VOTE!
  • When Pro-Life legislation are being considered in the Senate or House – call your local legislator and encourage them to vote for LIFE and briefly tell them why!
  • When Pro-Life petitions are being circulated, don’t just sign; but find out what you can do to help get more signatures, host a petition drive, go door-to-door, make phone calls (will have phone #’s, addresses and a script ready).
  • Encourage family and friends to BE Informed and vote LIFE!
  • Financially and Prayerfully support Right to Life of Holland Area
  • QUESTIONS? Call 616.396.1037

 Download the Flyers:

PositiveCareBrochure Doctor_Prescribed_Suicide_Brochure







2019 Focus on Life Annual Dinner

When: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Where: The Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville, MI

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark Newman, founder and president of Speaker for Life, a training firm dedicated to equipping pro-life advocates nationwide with public speaking skills. He also heads, a site that helps Christians use movies to reach out to others.  He has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, and in the Times magazine.  His articles appear on The Christian Post, Catholic Exchange, and on hundreds of other websites.



Board of Directors

Doug Walcott – President

Pat Bekius – Vice President

Rich Newhouse – Secretary

Marylou Mast – Treasurer

Pam Ashley

Dan Barman

Tom Boodt

Alicia Clark

Roger Gates

David Peterson

Debbie Stora

Sara Ureel

Becky VanderPol

Barb VanDyke

Elaine Venema

Kurt Vegt


Honorary Board Members

Diane Mulder (founding member)

Betty Roelofs

Linda Nyhof

Staff Members 

Ann Wilson – Executive Director EMAIL:

Betty Driesenga – Administrative Assistant EMAIL:

Sue Lubbers – Administrative Assistant 

Ruth Ann Gates – Administrative Assistant: EMAIL:

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