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2014 July Newsletter#2


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Board of Directors

Doug Walcott – President

Pat Bekius – Vice President

Rich Newhouse – Secretary

Marylou Mast – Treasurer

Dan Barman

Tom Boodt

Alicia Clark

Roger & Ruth Ann Gates

Dr. David Peterson

Sara Ureel

Barb VanDyke

Elaine Venema

Kay Vredeveld

Nancy Westrate

Honorary Board Members

Diane Mulder (founding member of Right to Life of Holland Area

Betty Roelofs

Linda Nyhof

Staff Members

Dr. James W. Johnson Ph.D. – Executive Director  EMAIL: jwjohnson.rtl@gmail.com

Ann Wilson – Director of Finance  EMAIL: awilson.rtl@gmail.com

Betty Driesenga – Administrative Assistant   EMAIL: bdriesenga.rtl@gmail.com

Sue Lubbers – Administrative Assistant  EMAIL: slubbers.rtl@gmail.com